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Because of the continued threat of Covid-19, and the slowness of the immunization given, Step Back in Time Tours will not resume tours u‚Äčntil the Fall of 2021.

Step Back in Time Tours was created by my late husband, Jim Smith, a Jamesport native. With his humor and knowledge, he was known for his excellent tours filled with fun, laughter and knowledge. He was written about in the Kansas City Star, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Missouri Life Magazine, and others. He is also mentioned on the dedication page of many of Charlotte Hubbard's Amish books as he helped with her research. While he can never be replaced, you won't miss a step. You will hear and laugh at his and our own personal stories and come away with a new understanding of the Amish way of life.

If you're looking for an adventure off the beaten path to a world where people still live their lives as though time has stood still for many decades, this is your chance to view it up close and personal!. This 2 1/2 hour tour is one that very few "English People" are allowed to see. At Step Back In Time Tours we are your professionals in the tour business. We specialize in stepping on charter buses for bank travel clubs, schools, churches, Red Hatters, with a minimum of 4 in a group. Repeat tourists continue to insist upon Step Back in Time Tours! Our tours are not only educational but entertaining as well. You'll laugh at the humorous personal stories, experiences and learn information not found in books anywhere or from any other tour guide!  

On our tour, you'll not only see and learn how these people still live their lives strictly by the Bible, but you'll experience firsthand what "very few" people are ever allowed to see as you get an up close view of one of the strictest Old Order Amish Colonies still remaining in the world today! Remember folks, thi2020s is the Only Amish Colony in Missouri that permits organized tours of their Colony. Our Amish friends live their lives, teaching their children by their strict interpretation of the Bible verses! Using no electricity and modern technology, they use only horses for transportation and work purposes. No trip to the Jamesport Amish Colony is complete without our PERSONAL, professional guided tour. If you have a caravan of 2 or more cars, don't worry. We make stops along the way for the stories, facts and questions! No one is left out! It's all VERY PERSONAL and suited for your needs! No, there's no walkie talkies, we value each visitor. Drivers and Escorts are comped, so don't settle for a dull, hard to understand tour! You'll want the best, you'll want STEP BACK IN TIME TOURS!!

We offer 2 different tours. The most popular is when you get to tour a real Amish home and farm, led by the Amish who explain and demonstrate how they survive their everyday life just as our ancestors did back in "the good old days". Ask the questions, learn the facts. There's a new house this year, and added, new stories. But, if more time shopping is your choice, you won't be disappointed in the great shops we offer allowing you the time you need to really shop.

Please be advised that all Amish stores are out in the country, so a personal tour guide is best! We are considered the best because of our fun loving personalities, so don't settle for any other. Remember, this is real life, and not staged entertainment. The Amish people are our friends so we would appreciate respecting their beliefs of no pictures being taken of them [because of their belief of vanity.] Also, some Amish stores do not accept credit cards, but cash and checks are accepted. There is only 1 ATM in town [Jamesport Grocery], and 1 at BP on Hwy 6 outside of Jamesport. Otherwise, a cash advance is available on your debit or credit card at the Home Exchange Bank found south of the 4 way stop on Broadway St. 

We meet at City Hall located less than a block north of the 4 way stop. You'll find large, clean restrooms there before we begin our adventure.

Jamesport, MO is located less than 90 minutes from Kansas City, Independence, Liberty, and St. Joseph and about 20 minutes away from the Mormon Shrine "Adam-Ondi-Ahman" in North West MO. We have festivals all year, so check out Jamesport Community Association website at www.jamesportmissouri.info for more information. 

While you're here, plan to spend some time shopping in Jamesport as well. While we do not have an authorized 'Chamber of Commerce', we DO have an awesome Jamesport Community Association! [Check out their website for a list of all the upcoming festivals!] You'll find some real Amish made items as well as other one of a kind treasures in town. Shop at the Farm House Collection, Sue's Soft Stuff, Gingerich Dutch Pantry Bakery, The Collection and all of the fabulous antique stores! There's so much more in town and out of town when you arrive at "Jamesport"! Spend the night at Arbor House with our friend, Marie Graber, and you can eat at Gingerich Dutch Panty on the square, or at the Country Cupboard located at the end of Auberry Street west of the 4 way. Come back and experience a time where you'll find a slower pace, friendly people, and more like the time of long ago. Step Back in Time, and feel the peace! Because of the popularity of our tour, RESERVATIONS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED NO LATER THAN ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE. Sorry, no same day calls for tours are possible. You will also want to be advised that April-June are our busiest months as well as September. Reservations for those months should be considered months in advance. Memorial Day weekend has been booked a year in advance for the last several years.

For groups of 10 or more, there is a $50 non refundable deposit. Check may be sent to: Lanita Smith, PO Box 245, Jamesport, MO 64648.

Minimum of 4 in a group please.

This year, you have choices!!

Season: April 1 - October 1

Taking reservations for 2020!

Tour Hours: Tours at 9am and 1:30pm

Remember, Amish Stores close at 5pm

Closed on Sundays

Tours are 2 1/2 Hours

For groups of 10 or more, there is a $50 non refundable deposit. 

Deposit Check send to: Lanita Smith, PO Box 245, Jamesport, MO 64648.

Minimum of 4 in a group please.


Tour A; $9 per person [group 5 people or more], or $40 per car [group of 4]. Children under 3 free. More time to shop, and no farm tour.

Tour B; $10 per person, children under 3 free. Less time to shop, and more time at the farm. This tour is offered for groups of 4 or more only!

Season: April 1 - October 1

Taking reservations for 2020!


  • A check will be required no later than the day of the tour, at the beginning of the tour. There is also a $50 nonrefundable deposit for reservations for groups over 10, due 2 weeks prior to tour date.
  • If you make reservations for 50 guests, then the check should be issued for $450 [$9 per person] for non farm tour, or $500 [$10 per person] for farm tour, not including the gratuity. If you make a reservation for 25, then the non farm tour should be $225, or farm tour at $250, not including the gratuity. If, however, you make a reservation for 25 but end up with actually 40 people, then a check should be issued for the 40.
  • Since this is real life and contacts have to be made on my end prior to the tour to insure individuals' time, enough product and cashiers on hand, it is essential that we get as close a count as possible.

Contact: Lanita Sconce Smith, Owner and Tour Coordinator

Email: [email protected] [best way for contact]

Cell Phone: 660-358-4752, leave a message, I will call you back!

We are also on Facebook at Step Back in Time Tours Jamesport Missouri

Our thanks to our friend, Rev. Don Burke, for allowing us to use some of his fabulous photos.


All Tours Given In Memory of

Jim R. Smith, the Original Beatles' Fan